A Girl Who Can't Speak Thinks “She is Too Kind” – Chapter 56

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I might be dropping this scanlation soon

Life is starting to get busier for me than it was when I picked this series up. My weeknights are not as open as they used to be, and I'm spending less and less of my time at home, alone. Working on KoeDasenai has been wonderful and I've grown to love the series, but it's also starting to become something I don't look forward to anymore.

That all said, I do still want to translate the series. I'm going to take this week to try to reset my habits when it comes to translation and see if I can get back to the “little bit at a time, every day” model instead of the “ugh I don't want to do that right now, I'll do it on Sunday” model I've been in for quite a few weeks now. I'm hesitantly optimistic that it'll work out.

If possible, I'm going to commit to seeing through the end of the play. Unless my schedule gets absolutely jam-packed, I'll get us through the next 3 chapters before coming to an official decision to drop or not.