General Progress Report 10-04-20

Tags: #ItoshiKoishi

Many apologies for my slow releases. A lot of life-things have been holding me back from working on translating, like moving a roommate in on very short notice and applying for new jobs. In any case, I do come bearing good news- the translation for chapter 8 of Itoshi Koishi is done! It will take a few days of editing to get the chapter scanlated and uploaded, but know that more is coming soon! I plan to stream some editing/typesetting for the first time in ages either late Monday evening (starting 10PM-12AM CDT or later) or early Tuesday morning (starting 5AM-8AM CDT). I'd guess it'll probably last 4+ hours considering how much I have to do still, but who knows. I'll post a link whenever I get all that ready to go.