General Progress Report 4-18-20

Tags: #general, #BokuWata

I mentioned on a tumblr post yesterday that I was going to be waiting to start the editing on chapter 7 and instead starting the translation for chapter 8. Since chapter 8 is back with the random medical jargon, progress has come to a grinding halt. At the end of the first day, I've only accomplished translating 3/14 pages in this chapter. Honestly, that is still very great progress (back in February I could only do 1 page per day), but coming off of the “6 pages a day” string I had last week, 3 seems a little lackluster.

Since I am still very much ahead of schedule for chapter 7, I will be taking at least one more day to work on chapter 8. At this point, I plan to start editing on Monday morning, but that is a very tentative plan. Regardless, once I start editing, the chapter should be released within 3 days. I can't imagine that the editing will take too long since most of the dialog is short text bubbles. If the Monday plan works out, then chapter 7 will be out by Wednesday.

Looking further ahead into the future, I will be releasing my own translation of chapter 1 after I've finished chapter 8. I will probably take my time with that chapter since that will not be new content. I think I've mentioned this before, but when I start a series, I always check which scanlation group(s) did the majority of the series. Since there's usually more than one way to translate and interpret languages, it's usually less confusing to have a consistent interpretation or style of writing (i.e. using honorifics, creative liberties with word choice, and so on ). I'm going to make it a point to give others that option, since that is what I'd choose if I were someone new to the series.

Plus I've noticed a few errors in the currently-available chapter 1, so it'd be nice to clear those up as well.

In any case, I'm starting to talk about nothing, so that will be all for now. We're getting close to the end of BokuWata, and then I'll have to find a new series to entertain myself with (probably Kagitsuki Terrarium, because I love Hirasawa-sensei).