General Progress Report 5-16-20

Tags: #General, #ItoshiKoishi

Progress on chapter 5 is going well. I took a few days off to relax, and so I took it easy today getting back into the swing of things. Chapter 5 is 26 pages (24 not counting the bonus pages), and so far I've translated 8 pages, edited 5. Assuming I can keep my focus for longer tomorrow, I can probably have most of the translation done at least. In short, Chapter 5 is on track for a release next week, assuming no road bumps.

Looking ahead from Chapter 5, there will be two sets of bonus chapters – a 5.1 with some short vignettes (10 pages), and a designated 5.5 which will include the tankoubon extras (~16 pages). Those will probably be roughly a week apart each, possibly sooner depending on scheduling stuff.

In response to the drama on MangaDex regarding the will of Takemiya-sensei, I've taken a few days to think the situation over. My decision is to continue translating the series so long as I get no formal complaints from Takemiya-sensei or an affiliated party. My reasoning behind this is as follows:

Are they all good reasons? Probably not, but I tend to hope that giving the series some momentum in a previously ignored market without any compensation for the work put in would at least garner some sympathy?