General Progress Report 7-12-20

Tags: #General, #ItoshiKoishi

First off, I'm extremely sorry. I have honestly no excuse why it's taken over a month to get chapter 7 of Itoshi Koishi out. Between stress from work/life and the correlated depressive episodes I've been dealing with, my motivation and ability to translate has been hindered severely. Honestly, my situation hasn't improved, but the guilt of taking so long is starting to get unbearable. I'm forcing myself to work on it again, so progress is being made, but at a horrible pace.

At this point, I have 6 more pages to translate, and then I'll have to work on editing. If I recall correctly, I haven't worked too far ahead on editing, so that'll take a few days more after the translation is done. In the unlikely event that I can push myself out of the bad headspace and create motivation from nothing, I'd guess it could be done by Friday. It's a tentative and very far-fetched goal, but it's my current goal nonetheless.

Again, many apologies for taking so long on chapter 7. It's been eating at me since I uploaded the last one, but when I have issues holding focus on easy things, there's almost no chance that I'm going to be able to comprehend what's on the pages.

As a final note, I'd still like to push out chapter 1 of BokuWata, but progress on that has halted completely. It's on the backburner, but it eats at me less than ItoKoi does.