Progress report 4-20-20

Tags: #general, #BokuWata

I spent some time yesterday editing the first few pages of chapter 7 to help me relax after some stressful times. This morning I had too much going on to set up a stream, so possibly tomorrow morning I'll set one up to try to finish the last 9 pages or so. There are only 2 sections that I worry will take a lot of time, so honestly I'm pretty confident that I can be done with chapter 7 tomorrow morning, assuming nothing terrible happens.

As for chapter 8, translation progress is slow. Lots of fairly dense text, lots of uncommon topics and specialized words, and a lot more pages to get through. Of the remaining 10 pages, 3 are going to be quick and easy, the rest are going to take a few hours each to look up kanji and piece sentences together. I'm still aiming for one page per day, but I have no idea how much longer I will be able to keep that pace up.

In other general news, I've started actually studying again using Hirasawa-sensei's Kagitsuki Terrarium and Renshuu. I'm having a wonderful time reading through and throwing any vocab I don't know into a study list, and then having the site quiz me on them. It will absolutely come in handy when I decide to pick it up. I think today I read up to page 28 or so of the first volume, so I'm making good progress. I'm excited to see how much faster and easier the translation for the first chapter will go thanks to all the studying I'll have done by the time I've wrapped up with BokuWata and moved onto that.

I'm considering trying to find a redrawer for Kagitsuki Terrarium since that series deserves that level of quality, but I loathe the idea of working on a team with someone else's schedule. I like how I do things now, where I don't have to worry about deadlines and can have fun doing what I do. I do not ever want translating manga to feel like a chore again, so I'm incredibly apprehensive about the idea of having other people rely on me and whatnot.

In any case, I'm very sad to be nearly done with BokuWata, but I'm very excited to start translating Kagitsuki Terrarium (which I nearly call “Kagitsuki Aquarium” about every time I type it for some reason...)